Lea Jurida

sound designer


Sound design is about designing sound. Creating a feeling, an illusion, a promise, a suggestion.
Making a statement! Or just letting it flow. . .

I do all that with sounds, with music and everything in between.

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cellular : +31 (0)6 24 999 512
e-mail : info[at]jurida.com


Leaders, idents, promos, commercials, radio, tv.
Enjoy the selection of various sounds and styles.


Xyanide is an old school shoot'em-up game for the Xbox. All sound effects in the game, as well as effects in the linear animations (animatics) are made by me. I was also responsible for the audio mixes in both linear as well as interactive parts of the game.
The biggest challenge in this project was to create sound that combines the past (arcade games) with the present.
Produced in assignement of estation.
More information on Xyanide

kleuren speuren

Kleuren Speuren, one of the three finalists of the Gouden @penstaart awards 2004, is an educational cd-rom for children that makes learning fun! Children can learn about colours in a playful, interactive environment.
I did the whole audio production for this project: sound design, music production, voice casting, recording and editing as well as implementing sounds (macromedia director). Visual design and programming by Shapers.
The entire Kleuren Speuren game can be downloaded from kleurenspeuren.shapers.nl